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We are grooming future leaders of tomorrow in the field of Healthcare, Finance, Business and Technology

We have proven competency in gaining admission to top Ivy League schools

We have track record in winning national and international competitions

We Mentor . Provide Opportunities . Lead you to be successful

Few Words About Us

Our accomplishments include:


Captain for 2 years on the Virginia State MathCounts Team (2014, 2015)

Science Talent Search (STS)

Regeneron STS National Finalist (2018)

Science Talent Search (STS)

Regeneron STS National Finalist (2018)

Science Fair (ISEF)

3rd Place at the International Science and Engineering Fair (2017)

CONRAD International Innovation Challenge

CONRAD International Innovation Challenge First Place Winners (2016, 2017)

Competitive Mathematics Classes

Mathematics is the core foundation to the development of a gifted student. Strengthening and acceleration in math can lead to problem solving in areas of Physics, Chemistry, Business. For students who wish to advance past their grade level, these courses incorporate the best practices from Singapore, India and China into our most comprehensive Math Olympiad and problem-solving training programs to provide greater breadth and depth than school math curricula for students in grades K-12.

Computer Programming Classes

Introduction to Java Programming / ACSL Competition Prep

Advanced Java Programming / TJ AP Comp Sci Skip Test Prep

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Programming in Python

Cyber Security Certification / Cyber Patriot Competition

Basic / Advanced Python Programming

Mobile Application Development


Start early in elementary and carve a story to narrate to admission officers while applying to colleges.

  • Summer planning of enrichment activities, classes, internship, volunteering and leadership activities
  • Elementary to high school course navigation and acceleration inside and outside school
  • Achieving competitive edge in Innovation challenges, Academic Olympiads, business pitches
  • Scholarship opportunities of national recognition from 4th grade to 12th
  • Extracurricular activities that help you groom to be a leader in a unique way
  • Strategic planning and execution of schooling
  • TJ High school and Academy of Sciences admission process and application
  • SAT / PSAT and standardized tests preparation

    Counseling fee:

  • Hourly Rate - $250 per hour.

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